Frequently Asked Questions (Lakeshore Lightning Girls Hockey)

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Q: I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

A: If you've forgotten your password, don't worry! You can easily reset it by following this link Simply click on the link and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Q: Why isn't my e-transfer payment showing in the registration system (Ramp) immediately after I've made the payment?

A: If you pay by e-transfer,  the money is automatically withdrawn from your account at the time of the transaction. Once we receive your payment an e-mail is sent to the Treasurer. The Treasurer manually reviews each e-mail to match it with your RAMP account to mark it paid. It is important to include your Daughter's name and division on the e-transfer to assist with the matching.

Please note that as this is a manual process and could take some time before payment is posted to your RAMP account. If you don't see the payment reflected after a week and you have confirmed that it was deducted from your bank account, please feel free to reach out to the treasurer at [email protected].

Payments made by credit card will show up immediately on RAMP.

Q: If I'm transferring from another association, either for House League or Travel, what steps do I need to take?

A: To register with Lakeshore Lightning, just go through our regular registration process. The OWHA Player Release is handled automatically through the OWHA league management system and our Lakeshore Lightning Registrar. As long as you're leaving your current association with no outstanding equipment or financial obligations, the release process is typically straightforward and approved. The same criteria apply if you're leaving Lakeshore Lightning. As long as there are no outstanding equipment or financial obligations, we'll approve all release requests.

While your transfer is being processed, your registration status may temporarily appear as inactive or incomplete. There's no need for concern; this is a normal part of the process. Once your transfer is finalized, your registration status will update to active.

For detailed information, refer to the OWHA Player Movement Policy at PLAYER MOVEMENT POLICY.pdf

Q: When does registration open and how does the waitlist work? What happens if more spots are needed?

A: Registration for the season opens on May 1st, 2024. Spots are limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Once teams reach capacity, players will be placed on a waitlist. We monitor these waitlists closely and, where possible, will add teams if we have enough players to fill a roster and can acquire additional ice time. The best way to avoid the waitlist is to register early.

Q: What equipment does my daughter need to play hockey?

A: Here's a checklist of the equipment your daughter will need, listed in the order they should be put on:

- "Jill" protector
Shin pads
Socks (provided by us)
Shoulder pads
Elbow pads
Jersey (provided by us)
Neck guard

Additionally, mouth guards are optional but recommended as some of our players choose to wear them for added protection.

Q: What are the options for young girls interested in starting hockey at Lakeshore Lightning, and how does the transition to girls-only teams work?

A: Lakeshore Lightning's programs currently begin at U9, for children aged 7 and up.  For younger players, particularly those under 7, the Ontario Minor Hockey Associations (OMHA) offer U7 Hockey programs. Additionally, the "First Shift" program is an excellent introduction for children aged 6-10, providing a comprehensive start in hockey - Home - First Shift. Depending on personal preference, children can begin their hockey journey directly or after participating in foundational programs like CanSkate. 

Locally, both the Belle River Minor Hockey Association and the Essex/Southpoint Hockey Association are excellent choices for young hockey enthusiasts.

As for transitioning, both boys and girls initially participate together in developmental programs under the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA). Starting at U9, girls have the opportunity to switch to a girls-only program under the Ontario Women's Hockey Association (OWHA). Lakeshore Lightning supports teams in both Essex and Lakeshore, ensuring a seamless transition. This flexible structure aims to provide a supportive environment tailored to the developmental needs and preferences of each player, fostering both skill growth and enjoyment of the sport.

Locally, both OMHA and OWHA adhere to the Hockey Canada Player Pathways, which are structured development models designed to optimize player growth. For more detailed information, please refer to the links below:

U7 Player Pathway

U9 Player Pathway